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You’ve been Warren(ed)

At the Democratic Presidential debate Wednesday night, former NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reacted as if Sen. Elizabeth Warren brought a nice chianti and fava beans to the event; she ate him alive.  Ms. Warren chewed through Mr. Bloomberg’s political and moral résumé like Hannibal

Uh, Bernie Bros and the OK Bloomers?

Chest thumpers and embarrassing belligerents are how the followers of Bernie Sanders are being described.  The Michael Bloomberg crowd who I suppose are Bloomers, who find themselves in the unenviable position of defending a billionaire and racist policies, instead of his politics, face off in a

Lady Justice is Blind, not Stupid

Lady Justice has functioned very well—for years, being blind, but now Donald Trump, William Barr, and  Republican officialdom are rendering her mute.  Last night, and for as long as Attorney General Barr does not collapse under the weight of a tweet, he publicly admitted the