We need to scream this from the Capitol. We are not a Democracy. This piece shows that one person, one vote does not exist in America.

Democracy in name only

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Does anyone realize that even as Joe Biden won by north of seven million votes, he could have lost the Electoral College and the presidency? This is absurd. It is scary how close we came to that reality. Check out the video clip.

Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College by not holding the Blue Wall when she lost Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Joe Biden won by rebuilding the Blue Wall and winning two unlikely states while losing Florida and Ohio. The following table should scare every Democrat and Progressive.

Joe Biden won the Electoral College by a smaller margin than what Donald Trump won it by. Worse, Joe Biden’s winning popular vote was more than twice that of Hillary Clinton, and he almost lost the election.

If Joe Biden had lost 42,918 more votes strategically in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin, Donald Trump would have been president after losing by more than 7 million votes. It is impossible to consider an epic constitutionally built-in fraud, a Democracy of any kind.

Of course, the constitution is ripe with undemocratic tenets. California has 67.6 X the population of Wyoming. Yet, each has two Senators. That is an affront to Democracy. No historical explanation is valid for the Electoral College or for states irrespective of their population having two senators.

We are a Center-Left country that is forced governed by a Center-Right government. This is not sustainable.

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