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Cases of the Mondays – GOP says nothing to see here, even if it's impeachable

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The GOP is playing slow and tight with the truth as Monday in the Judiciary committee begins at 9am ET with more televised testimony.

Corrupt intent is in the solicitation regardless of the outcome of the bribery. There’s obstruction of Congress, definitely and obstruction of justice no different than that evident from the Mueller report. And then there’s all that 2014-2016 Russian activity compared to no Ukrainian activity, with POTUS* obviously interested in 2020 “dirt”, using Congressional funds as leverage. And then there’s the confession plus solicitations to other countries.

It’s all there even as the GOP and the WH tries to tell everyone that it’s not.

Second week of December: We will likely get articles of impeachment

If Democrats’ timing goes according to their plan, the Judiciary Committee will write up articles of impeachment against Trump within a week of getting the impeachment inquiry report. They’ll hold a hearing Monday to debate the report and how it would translate into articles of impeachment.
The report strongly hints at articles of impeachment, but it doesn’t list them. It sounds as though obstruction of Congress — for Trump’s top aides not complying with subpoenas for documents and testimony — will be one of them. Democrats might also accuse Trump of a broad abuse of power and compromising national security.
From there, it’s an open question how broad or narrow Democrats will go. The impeachment inquiry has been focused on Trump’s actions on Ukraine, and some Democrats think there’s enough fodder there to impeach Trump after hearing from the witnesses they questioned.
But Democrats could also decide to take a broad look at all of Trump’s alleged wrongdoings — such as his attempts to undermine or get rid of the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, as outlined in Robert S. Mueller III’s special counsel report. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) even brought up the Mueller report in his opening statements Wednesday. The thinking here is that if they’re going to impeach Trump, they might as well go big.
Whatever they decide, Democrats control the majority, so it’s likely the articles of impeachment against Trump, whatever they are, will be approved by the committee. Which means . . .

Third week of December: Congress votes on articles of impeachment

If things are still going according to Democrats’ timeline, the last week of the year before they break for the holidays will be the week Trump gets impeached by the House. The House will vote on each article of impeachment approved by the Judiciary Committee.…

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