The improv group Can’t Tell Us Nothing visits, and there is a poignant healthcare story you must not miss. And we have much more.

Can’t Tell Us Nothing improv visits, healthcare, & more

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  • Former President Obama’s message to Georgians on their senatorial candidates. He is clear that if Biden is to succeed, a Democratic Senate is preferred.
  • Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger reconfirms Biden’s win after the third count. And he makes it clear there was no fraud.
  • Ali Velshi has a warning for Republican politicians.
  • CNBC host comes to virtual video punches as Right-Wing host wants restaurants & churches wide open.
  • “Can’t Tell Us Nothing,” a Houston-based improv group that has performed throughout the country, visits PDR to talk more than politics. There is a poignant healthcare scare/story that everyone should hear.

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