Cancelled. Jax portion of GOP convention per Trump briefing.

With no doctors present DJT gave another briefing.   Due to the Cornovirus hotspot being Florida, Trump declared Florida convention was out.  The North Carolina portion, online and upcoming other virtual venues will be ongoing.

Trump knew Florida was really a bad idea to begin with.  I would venture to say that Covid and the health of the people were not the deciding factor.  I would almost bet the inability to provide safety by Jacksonville Law Enforcement was the deciding factor.  I would say that and the falling attendance along with the weather and mask mandate at the convention was the deciding factor.

We are reeling in Covid 19 down here and we are all very very terrified.   A 9 year girl hundreds of miles from Miami in Putnam county died from this horrible plague making her the youngest victim in this state.

There was much rambling by Trump about how important school openings were and here we sit wondering Desantis’s next move now that the convention is out.

It is not just the weather that keeps changing down here.  It is almost everything.

I am relieved the convention is not coming to Florida.  I am downright relieved.