The use of the two-word phrase cancel-culture has become an evasion tactic analogous to the words race-card. Both of these media memes have become an alibi for incitement to violent hatred and racial bigotry. The lack of basic knowledge the rioters have about the Constitution— they were willing to desecrate the Capitol to defend, has been exposed. The 2nd Amendment does not take away the right of private entities to protect their reputations and profits. An employee of BoxMart cannot stand in front of the meat freezer and yell, the meat is rancid, without expecting to be fired. A message to Senator Josh Hawley, Simon & Schuster Publishing is not obligated to sell your rancid red-meat either. Sorry Mr. Hawley, but an executive of the company decided that insurrection is not a good marketing strategy—go figure.

So while Mr. Hawley soft peddles his endorsement of the ‘Big Lie’ about the election results, while appearing on one of the world’s biggest media conglomerates, and at the same time claiming censorship, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have decided that sedition is not a rating’s grabber.  This whining, wheedling, victimization-culture adapted by the Republicans, as a defense, is tiresome, ineffectual, and loathsome. The height of this inward-looking victimization was yesterday when former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley questioned why people are so mean to the former president, exclaiming “give the man a break.”

Forgive me if I think the break should go to the family of the slain Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. Conservative media outlets were quick to divert blame for the officer’s death to existing medical conditions but being beaten with a fire extinguisher, one would think, could exacerbate any medical condition. The greatest irony was that purportedly Officer Sicknick was a Trump supporter. Maybe a break should be given to Officer Eugene Goodman, who by the mere display of his black skin, lured the rioters away from their intended targets. Goodman, a black member of the Capitol Police force, confronted the rioters, alone, and whose numbers included white-supremacist, Nazi t-shirt wearing, Confederate battle flag-waving insurrectionists. Maybe Ms. Haley would be better served to give a break to the nation and advocate that the leader of an un-American group of rioters never serve or hold a position of trust again.  

Republicans take great offense at being called racist and terrorists and white supremacists but at last count, 81 percent of them still support Mr. Trump. The same Mr. Trump, according to Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb), was told following frantic calls for help while the Capitol was being invaded, the former president was delighted at the destruction. So while the Republicans, who feel their rights are being trampled upon because they cannot plan insurrection with the help of Google, 8 of 10 Republicans or right-leaning Independents are in favor of the man who orchestrated the dissolution of free and fair elections for all Americans.

I am sure that Officer Sicknick was as scared for his personal safety as Officer Goodman but they both stood their ground, did their duty and ultimately one sacrificed his life. General George S. Patton when asked about bravery said, “ courage is fear holding a minute longer.”  Thank you to the brave Capitol police officers who took a minute to save our democracy.

Continue to Vote for Change.        


  • January 27, 2021