Trump continues to signal to police agencies that they can do whatever they want, regardless of civilian authorities, letting us know that not unlike Sturgis, SD and the state’s governor, the GOP are the actual “anarchists” fomenting American Carnage.


250,000 COVID deaths is an achievable goal.



— The New York Times (@nytimes) August 8, 2020

Corey Lewandowski knows how to twist arms:


President Trump is laying the groundwork to do something that no previous president has ever done: falsely claim that an election was fixed against him in order to discredit the vote. Trump has repeatedly — and incorrectly — claimed the election will be “rigged” against him. By promoting a series of wacky, debunked conspiracy theories, he has primed his supporters to wrongly believe he is the victim of some unknown, shadowy “deep state” plot. In an interview that aired last week, he refused to commit to accepting the results in November.
His actions challenge the flagship event of our republic: the peaceful transfer of power after an election, accepted by all candidates. (It’s worth noting that in 2016, Hillary Clinton quickly accepted the results and congratulated her opponent, while also criticizing the election’s integrity based on verified instances of Russian information warfare — a far cry from Trump peddling the debunked myth of widespread voter fraud.) With about 100 days to go, we are careening toward an extraordinarily dangerous crisis of American democracy.


If Trump’s authoritarian populism wins in November, the United States faces an existential threat to its democracy. But if he loses, the period between Nov. 4 and Jan. 20, 2021, will be particularly dangerous, too. It’s not too late. But we must get ready.…

And in Oregon:


— Tim Dickinson (@7im) August 8, 2020

here's the booking information

Again despite the TRO — which bars the police from threatening to arrest journalists — PPB last night made a blanket threat to arrest journalists entering a street closed by the bureau.

The arrest threat not only reveals contempt for the TRO, it also flies in the face of the city code title cited by PPB: “provision *shall be made* for *reasonable access* to such areas by *members of the media* for the purpose of news gathering and reporting.”
Here's the city title in question:…
This is what @tedwheeler told me at the end of June: “I have pledged to those journalists that we will protect their First Amendment rights to cover and provide information…”
“…not just to show it to to tell the public about what's going on, but also to hold us accountable. We we absolutely should be held to that standard.”
The targeting of journalists by PPB is a national scandal. Working journalists have been beaten, arrested, and charged with felonies simply for trying to cover the clashes between police and protesters.
A federal judge has demanded the bureau stop. The city council has voted to make the judge's TRO city policy. And yet Ted Wheeler and @ChiefCLovell 's cops keep threatening and arresting journalists.
Here's a recent video of Portland cops slashing the tires and smashing out the back window of a reporter's car:

Here's the journalist who was arrested last night — criminal trespass



— Paul Titus (@mycarolinaskies) August 8, 2020


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