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Can We Stop with the “Insult to …” Meme Already?

This is a pet peeve that’s been bugging me for months — someone says “Trump is a moron” and someone else fires back “That’s an insult to morons.” I haven’t said anything about it, but then David Gerrold posted a Facebook diary this morning complaining about the same thing, which reminded me how much this line has been overused. Then just now I saw this call-and-response in a diary here (doesn’t matter which one, it's everywhere) and decided it was my turn to speak up.

Look, codders and shiggies, the joke is over. It’s not only been done to death, it’s been buried and the corpse is full of worms. It was funny the first hundred times, cute the first thousand, sort of OK the first hundred thousand. But now we’re way over the million mark and It just ain’t funny any more.

David’s point was that this reaction weakens the original point. If I say “McConnell is a Moscow Mule” and you reply “That’s an insult to mules,” you’ve watered down my clever barb. It’s a pointless distraction whose day is OVER.

Also, wouldn’t you rather come up with something clever and original? In this world of Trump, we can use some more original insults.

And no, that is not an insult to insults.

< End rant >