I know democrats are addicted to doom. And now that it is beginning to look safe for Biden we need another anxiety target. We did not do as well in the Senate as many would have liked, that is true. But we need to recognize there is still a path. Purdue is only .8 over 50. If he falls below there will be a run-off election. The Atlanta area is still coming in and I think it will heavily tilt to Osoff. I even think there is an outside chance he takes the seat outright. Warnock will be in the same run-off (that gives dems four). I also do not think you should count out main. There is still 32% left to come in (how many absentee). Collins is already below 50 so it will go to rank order. If Collins loses 1.5 and Gideon again 1 (not unheard of) Gideon has a real chance in rank order.

There is no doubt Cunningham sh*t the bed in North Carolina. But nobody is calling it. There are three days of more mail-ins (although this will be taken to court). I don’t know what that holds, but probably plenty of young voters and Black voters scared at the last minute by the pepper spray incident.

We are still in this guys!!

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