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Can we find a way to support Jemele Hill

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I don’t know if anybody has spoken truth to in the Trump era in the way Jemele Hill has. For a second time this woman has risked everything in order to lead a challenge against the establishment. The first time it was against Trump so not quite as dangerous as everybody thinks Trump is an idiot. This second time though it is a full on challenge to one of the most powerful white good old boys in the sports world who made an astoundingly thoughtless demand of his players. For those who have not heard Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, publicly said that any player who kneels during the anthem will not play. As Hill states Jones has put the Black players on the Cowboys in an untenable situation. If they do not kneel they will be seen as bending to the will of banal white will. If they do kneel they are letting down their teammates and putting their career in jeopardy. This is like corporate bosses trying to break unions in the 1930s.  

Hill suggested in a series of tweets people should think about this and the idea of supporting this organization as it makes bombastic, histrionic, unconstitutional threats (all right those are my words).  But Jemele Hill has put it all on the line to protect democracy. She is a modern day hero. She is also incredibly smart and really funny. So of course ESPN suspended her for two weeks.

Free Jemele Hill!!!  Or at least show support in any way you can.

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