Can They Approve Judges During a Government Shutdown?

I can’t find any information on this topic yet, but I was wondering if the U.S. Senate can approve Trump’s judicial nominees while there is a partial government shutdown?  The only verification of this potential hiccup for Mitch McConnell was the fear expressed by Fox if there was a government shutdown during the process to confirm Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS.  Now, Fox is not the greatest source of information on anything, but Michael Moore talked about how government shutdowns screw up regular order for confirming judges.  If so, a drawn out government shutdown is not in McConnell’s interest.  

Let’s face it.  McConnell lives to remain in power and placating corporate donors.  What makes corporate donors happy are 1) tax cuts, 2) deregulation and 3) confirmation of conservative judges.  Tax cuts will be gone next year with the Democrats in charge of the House.  Not sure how much more deregulation they can get done with Democrats in the House, but Trump will use executive orders for more deregulation.  This leaves confirming conservative judges to the bench, and this is something that McConnell excels at.

If true that you cannot confirm judges while the government is shutdown, McConnell will be one unhappy reptile.  And despite all the fears of the base, I imagine that McConnell would risk the wrath of the base to ram more Trump judges onto the bench.

Anyone know if this is true?