If I had say so at MSNBC, CNN , CSPAN, or any of the major carriers I would order the camermen or women  pan the members of congress and reaction of presentations.  Can they do   like they do in State of the Union?    Put the speaker in a corner of the viewing or split screen  and show America just how interested they are in representing America.  I want to see their aloof, insensitivem or full attention being paid to history’s defense and prosecution.  I want to see them shuffling papers, or texting or passing notes, or deeply involved.  They are representing all of us.

I hope one of the carriers do this.  I hope it is legal and in the rules.  It is an impeachment trial for insurrection.  Pan and show their faces and what their responses are as they represent YOU.

Would the vote be different if they knew the cameras were on them?  Show the tears, the jeers, the snideness,paying attention and ignoring.  We the people deserve to see them at this time.

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