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can Bloomberg's Hawkfish defeat GOP's 2020 Cambridge Analytica or will the Russians win again

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Early in 2019 Bloomberg created a tech company / data operation hat now supports his campaign, although it could leverage the general election if he does not win the nomination.

2020 will more likely be worse than 2016 now that  we know how the boffins helped Trump win. There is something like 2016’s Cambridge Analytica and its cohorts in the 2020 mix, we just don’t know which one’s discovery will hint at the mayhem to come. Disinformation and plausible deniability will keep them from being identified until it’s too late.

Mike Bloomberg created a tech company called Hawkfish that's helping his 2020 campaign and employs ex-Facebook CMO Gary Briggs and ex-Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck (CNBC)

Bloomberg, a billionaire former three-term mayor of New York, started building the company early in 2019, before he decided to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, the campaign aide said. While the campaign declined to say how much Bloomberg has invested in the company, Bloomberg has said he will spend over $100 million on anti-Trump digital ads. His campaign has already spent at least $13 million on Facebook and Google spots.

Bloomberg, who was dedicated to denying President Donald Trump a second term before he entered the Democratic race, built Hawkfish with the intention of overpowering the formidable data operation assembled by the Republican National Committee and Trump's cash-flush campaign.…




— Themistocles Wall (@themistocles_w) December 23, 2019


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Vendor/Recipient: Cambridge Analytica

1 Donald J Trump for President $5,912,500 5 07-29-2016 12-12-2016
2 Cruz for President $5,805,551 19 07-02-2015 06-09-2016
3 Make America Number 1 $5,669,775 118 11-18-2015 12-07-2016
4 Keep The Promise II $570,000 2 12-08-2015 01-14-2016
5 Warrior PAC $480,000 2 09-06-2016 10-12-2016

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