Can a sitting Supreme Court Justice be held in contempt of Congress


The Mr. Frog’s Wild Ride of democracy we are going through is making my head spin three different directions at once. It seems like there is little doubt at this point that Kavanaugh lied to Congress, easily proven. We like to make the argument that in the United States no person is above the law. That usually refers to the president. But does it refer to Supreme Court justices? I can’t believe I’m having to ask this question. I really don’t know.

My thinking is that the Republican Senate is going to push through Kavanaugh’s nomination no matter what.  But Kavanaugh is not supposed to be above the law. What happens when a democratic congress comes in after the mid-terms (which is looking more likely). They either have to hold Kavanaugh in contempt or say that it is okay to lie to congress, or say it is okay to lie to congress if you are a Supreme Court justice. And then who gets to decide if you can cite a Supreme Court justice? The Supreme Court? But if they don’t cite him our laws are pretty much a farce. 

What the hell is going to happen? Did I just take the pill that makes me bigger or the pill that makes me smaller?