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Calling progressive ideas 'on the fringe' is a calculated fraud on Americans

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Americans have been indoctrinated into liking or disliking a policy based on some arbitrarily defined fringe. This behavior is directly responsible for an economy that serves a few. When Democrats lose too often they are told it is because they are too progressive or support too many policies that are on the fringe. When they win, they are told that unless they tack to the center, they will lose in the next cycle.

After the Democratic big wins recently, former Ohio Governor John Kasich appeared on Don Lemon’s program on CNN. He admitted that Republicans are moving away from Trump and the Republican Party in large numbers. But it is his following statement that should give everyone pause.

“There is also a very big lesson for Democrats,” Jon Kasich said. “If you think you are going to win nationally with Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and all that other stuff, you’re not going to win. Because when you look at what happened in ‘18, and when you look at Beshear and even look at the races in Virginia, where the Democrats have taken the State Senate, you will find those candidates running closer to the middle than on the extremes.”

Lemon then asked Kasich if he thought the country was center right/center left. “I do. I do,” responded Kasich.”

“Even with all the rhetoric and all the division we have going on, John?” Lemon asked.

“I think Don, you and I, lot of people, we live in a bubble,” Kasich replied. “We hear these voices out here whether they are on Twitter, whether they are on television. We hear those voices. But most people are not focused on those kinds of extremes.”

Kasich does not live in a bubble at all. All pundits and former politicians trying to temper the win as something they need to tack to the mythical center are doing what many understand well. They are selling out.

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