Calling all Kossacks! The famous Dumping Trump statue is looking for a driver

You probably saw the DumpingTrump robot during the raucous protests that coincided with Donald Trump’s visit to London last month to embarrass our entire country in front of The Queen.

Or maybe you got a gander during the July 4 Salute to Himself.

Well, now you have a chance to make history. Yes, you.

Don Lessem, the brains behind DumpingTrump, sent me the following email earlier today. In short, he’s looking for someone to chauffeur this modern Michelangelo’s David across the country.

The details, via Mr. Lessem:

The DumpingTrump robot is now in the U.S. and we want to have someone drive him around — at least to blue states where he or she will not be killed — and give people the joy of seeing The President in his natural state at rallies, protests, and just neighborhood drive-by.  
So we need a volunteer — perhaps a veteran of driving The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile or other luxury conveyance.
Some basic mechanical skill needed to connect the generator and amplifier and gas it up, but we'd provide the truck, expenses, and fleabag accommodations.
Of course we are hoping that readers will support The DumpTrump Drive cross-country at with donations.
Otherwise could go to or Amazon and buy copies of my quote quiz book Who Said It: Trump Or This Other Schmuck and we'll put the proceeds into the Drive.

That’s basically it. Just passing the info along. Don’t ask me any questions about it because all I’ll do is direct you to the link. So go to the link.

Full disclosure: I have no vested interest in the DumpingTrump robot other than the glee I derive from helping make Trump look slightly more foolish than he already does.



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