Cain (RIP) sacrificed himself for Trump. My grandparents, my children will not.

Trump held his hate rally on June 20th at Tulsa.  Trump had workers remove “Please don’t sit here” stickers on the seats to discourage social distancing. He demanded a packed event. Three weeks later, Tulsa hit a record number of COVID patients. Thankfully, the venue was sparsely attended, or it could have been even worse.

Yet those who did attend helped spread the virus.

Those poor people in that photo.

I’m sorry Herman Cain died, and I can’t imagine what his family is going through. (The co-founder of a pro-Trump group just died as well due to COVID. RIP.)

But this was his choice.  He used his fragile body to prove that this virus was overblown, a hoax, a smear campaign solely to harm a political figure. He acted accordingly.

He refused to social distance. He refused to wear a mask for either his own protection or those around him. He listened to junk science and misinformation instead of the experts.  He gambled with his life, and lost.

You know, some of my conservative friends are asking why Herman Cain isn’t being eulogized like John Lewis. “Where is his horse-drawn carriage?”   Again, sorry he died.  He didn’t deserve it.

But please.

John Lewis lived his life fighting for the rights of others. He’s a true American hero and Civil Rights icon. Herman Cain is best known for ending a once promising campaign in a despicable scandal, and then died promoting a man who promotes such willful ignorance that lives have literally been lost. Every death Trump has caused has been completely unnecessary.

Who could have predicted this? I know, EVERYONE!!

If this was just about Herman Cain, I wouldn’t be writing this.  I believe you have the right to live your life as  you see fit. That is America. We eat what we want, we do what we want, and risk everything if we want.

But you have no right to threaten others’ lives with your carelessness. That’s what he and everyone else at that hate rally did. I really don’t think he meant to sacrifice himself for this stupidity, but he did anyway.   I doubt Louie Gohmert or Steven Miller’s wife meant to catch COVID either, but they did. They all did it through pure recklessness promoting Trump’s push to turn a fucking pandemic into a conspiracy theory against him. It’s so wrong that it’s disheartening.

Now my anger goes towards political leaders who are coming after me and my family.  These people get tested everyday, work from home, and spout decrees through teleconferencing that are declaring the elderly must sacrifice for our economy and our children will not be allowed to remain safe. The weak must die, and your family must sacrifice. I’m not being hyperbolic, that is literally pointed out at anti-mask rallies.

Although the rich and well-connected can hide in quarantine, our children and underpaid teachers MUST go to school in-person, without any adequate protection and without funds to keep them safe. My own governor, Trump sycophant Ron DeSantis, vetoed funding for online schooling and has said that all children must attend in-person because that’s what Trump wants. The bastard said that there is “zero risk” that kids will get sick. That is fucking lie and he knows it.

Hospitals and healthcare workers are already swamped here, but they will just have to deal. I have empathy for everyone who get sick. I thought I had it myself.  (Thank God I don’t.)  Yet forgive me for being a little glib here, but I have a lot less empathy for those who have gotten sick while actively threatening my family, my children. You want to sacrifice yourself on the alter of Trump’s lies? Please, be my fucking guest.  I can’t think of a more honorable person to die for, and we both know he’d do the same for you.

But you have no right to make that choice for my family.

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