From The Los Angeles Times:

But a Times investigation found that recall campaign leaders, seeking to capitalize on the darkening public mood, allied with radical and extreme elements early on to help collect signatures. Those included groups promoting distrust of government, science and medicine; peddlers of QAnon doomsday conspiracies; “patriots” readying for battle and one organization allied with the far-right extremist group, the Proud Boys.

The recall gave those fringe factions a higher profile and a shared villain. They helped energize the campaign with large and often inflammatory rallies over masks, in support of Trump and against the election they falsely say was stolen from the former president — ripe venues to harvest petition signatures.

Many supporters of the recall are not extremists and may not be aware of the far-right groups involved with the effort. But with the violent insurgency at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, organizers are grappling with the consequences of their alliances. They now insist the extremists don’t represent the values of the recall movement but continue to associate with them, amid a national debate about how far is too far when it comes to winning in politics.

Here’s just a taste of the type of people pushing this clown show:

Aaron Bate, an El Dorado County recall organizer, is a member of the Three Percenters. Bate is noted in a Three Percenter newsletter with fellow member Daniel Seoane as fundraising for the recall movement. Antifa Sacramento has also accused Bate of organizing with the American Guard, a neo-Nazi group. Newsweek has contacted Bate for comment.

Jeffery Perrine, a recently-elected member of the Sacramento County Republican Party’s Central Committee, who is affiliated with the Proud Boys, has also been seen at recall rallies, according to Antifa Sacramento. The Sacramento County Republican Party on Monday called for his resignation due to his ties with the far-right group. Social media videos show Perrine in Portland shouting that “illegal immigrants should have their heads smashed into the concrete.” Newsweek has tried to contact Perrine through the Sacramento County Republican Party.

Stephen Frank, who is on the board of the California Revival PAC group, has been seen speaking at recall rallies and he held a virtual townhall on the recall of the California governor in June last year. The PAC group’s website shares the Recall Gavin Newsom petition on its home page and it donated $60,000 towards the campaign in the fall.

Frank has previously described Black Lives Matter activists as “vile, violent…the black version of the KKK” on the California Political Review, the conservative website he is a senior editor of. Frank has also often referred to Black public figures he disagrees with as a member of “The Klan in Tan,” using the phrase on Michelle Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder on the same website. The phrase is considered hate speech. A St. Louis police officer was investigated by his own department in 2017 for having used the phrase in reference to Black Lives Matter activists. Newsweek contacted Frank for comment.

Daniel Seoane is an author on the recall campaign’s website and also a member of the Three Percenters. He is listed as one of the proponents of the fifth recall effort submitted on February 21, 2020. The Three Percenters newsletter reported in January 2020 on Seoane and Aaron Bate’s efforts to get recall petitions signed. In a social media video, he can be seen wearing a Three Percenter patch (the Roman numeral three with stars encircling it) while refusing to answer students who asked him what group he’s with.

Yep, Trumpism is still with us. Here’s another prime example:

A Napa County man FBI agents believe was targeting Gov. Gavin Newsom, Facebook and Twitter was charged Tuesday with illegally possessing homemade bombs, according to a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for Northern California.

The man, Ian Benjamin Rogers, was charged with unlawful possession of an unregistered destructive device after investigators found five pipe bombs inside a gun safe in his business in Napa County.

Text messages on Rogers’ phone indicate he believed Donald Trump won the 2020 election and that he planned to “go to war” and attack Democrats “to ensure Trump remained in office,” FBI Special Agent Stephanie Minor wrote in the affidavit.

“I want to blow up a democrat building bad,” Rogers wrote in a text, according to the affidavit. “The democrats need to pay.”

In other messages, he wrote “I’m thinking sac office first target… Then maybe bird and face offices.”

We need to take this seriously. We can’t allow these domestic terrorists and hate groups dupe the voters. They may not get to 1.5 million signatures now but they are still close. Let’s not let these Trump loving nut  jobs win. Click here too donate and get involved with Newsom’s re-election campaign.

  • January 29, 2021