CA-25: Sen. Kamala Harris (D) Helps Christy Smith (D) Get Ready To Win Her Special Election


Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D. CA) in support of Christy Smith’s (D. CA-25) campaign:

Christy Smith (D. CA-25)

Christy Smith is running for Congress in California in an extremely important race.

Before 2018, the seat she's running for had been held by Republicans for 26 years. If she can win this race, it'll prove that Republicans are losing ground not just in California, but in states across the country.

Republicans know this, that's why the NRCC just booked nearly $1 million in TV ads to help her opponent win this seat.

That's six straight weeks of nonstop ads attacking Christy.

She is facing a special election on May 12, which is why we're coming to you today to try and rally support to give her the resources she needs to fight back in the final days of this race.

Any support you can give would go a long way towards helping her hold this seat, so what do you say?

If you are able, will you split a donation between my campaign and Christy's? With her special election right around the corner, she needs all the help she can get to secure victory.

This is the last special election before November, and Christy has already become a top target for Republican special interest groups who want to tip the balance in this race.

They're willing to pump a ton of national special interest money into this race to try and win this seat and take back the House.

That's why we need to have her back because when she wins and we send her to Congress, I know she will be a tireless advocate for the people–not big special interests.

But no one person can win a race this big by themselves. It takes a team–which is why we need your help today.

If you are able, use the link below to split a donation between my campaign and Christy's today:

Thanks for showing your support,

– Kamala

Click here to donate to Smith’s campaign.

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