Little noticed in the wait for the awarding of delegates last week was the loss of Mueller investigation felon, George Papadopoulos in CA-25.

Only 1500 people voted for George in the GOP primary. He might have done better marrying Maria Butina.

Papadopoulos launched his long-shot campaign to fill the CA-25 seat made vacant when Democratic Rep. Katie Hill resigned amid allegations of inappropriate relationships with staffers.…


Troubles in paradise.


A docuseries about George and Simona Papadopoulos’ life after special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is in the works, The Washington Post reports. Los Angeles-based FGW Productions is reportedly working on a series that will probe the personal and political drama surrounding the couple. “The story to me is this young couple who falls in love and days later find themselves in the middle of this international scandal,” executive producer Stephanie Frederic told the newspaper. Frederic said the show is not meant to be political, but it will “examine” George’s account of the Trump campaign and his FBI interactions. She also said the show will not be a reality TV program, but an account of their “day-to-day activities” and future ambitions. George is reportedly looking to run for Congress, while Simona wants to pursue an acting and modeling career. The series will also cover the Papadopoulos’ family drama, including questions about Simona’s background and tensions on George’s side of the family.…



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