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CA-25: Christy Smith (D) Teams Up With The VPP To Prevent Voter Suppression In Special Election

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Received this e-mail today from Councilwoman Christy Smith’s (D. CA-25) campaign for next month’s special election to fill Katie Hill’s (D. CA-25) seat:

The ability to vote is one of our most fundamental rights as Americans — but time and again, there are attempts to make voting even harder for certain folks. It's unacceptable.

Right here in our district, in-person voting centers are opening up in some parts of the 25th but not others — and it's mostly along demographic lines. There are no voting centers in the farthest parts of East Palmdale, which is majority Latinx, nor in East Lancaster, with a large African American community.

And Republicans are trying to sabotage vote-by-mail which would keep voters safe during this time. Trump has complained about it from his daily briefings, while claiming it's ok if he votes by mail. And Republicans' refusal to bail out the post office would make voting by mail nearly impossible in November.

We are fighting tooth and nail alongside the Voter Protection Project to prevent voter suppression in every form. Can you help by chipping in a donation to split between our campaign and the VPP?

Voting is one of our most important rights, and anyone threatening to take it away is fundamentally wrong.

And for political parties to try to rig the system — so that people who won't vote for them simply can't vote — is corruption at its finest.

It's time to fight back. If you can right now, can you split a donation between the Voter Protection Project and our campaign?

Thanks so much,

— Team Christy

Click here to donate to Smith’s campaign and the Voter Protection Project to prevent voter suppression in next month’s special election.

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