Received this e-mail today from former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D. CA):

With just over SIX months until Election Day, many states are holding primaries later this spring and the shape of the November election is becoming clearer. One thing we’re not taking for granted: our crucial victories in 2018, made possible with your help.

The most important win: Our critical Democratic House majority, which is our check on Trump’s insuppressible corruption and, as of late, the reason why the legislative response to both the global pandemic and economic collapse prioritizes working families struggling the most.

Imagine where we’d be had we not won back the House! We can’t take the majority for granted.

California was key to our success in 2018, and it’s critical that we defend these Democratic incumbents in 2020. In California alone, there are SEVEN seats that are top targets for desperate Republicans, and with recent polls showing only one of the Democrats topping 50%, every one of them matters and every one of them will be a fight to keep.


We can’t waste any time putting our 2020 plan into action to prevent Republicans from turning Congress into a rubber stamp for Trump’s corruption and extremist policies.

Make a contribution TODAY to protect our seven new Democratic House seats, and let’s get to work.

Click here to donate to these California Democrats campaigns.

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