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BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Team Trump screws up again)

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Team Trump got disciplined for sharing the NYPost nonsense regarding Hunter Biden.

– Biden did not push out a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son, The Washington Post confirms

– The NY Post’s story had several red flags and holes that raise questions about its authenticity, according to journalists


A user on, a far-right message board, was hinting at and promoting a series of dubious articles from the New York Post about Hunter Biden days before they were published. The user also claimed to know the people involved with the articles.

On October 14, the New York Post released a series of articles claiming to show emails from the laptop of Hunter Biden — the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden — that showed he arranged for a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm to meet with the then-vice president when he was in charge of U.S. policy toward Ukraine. However, the articles falsely claim Joe Biden got a prosecutor fired to help Hunter and make a series of other questionable conclusions. The Post also wrote that it obtained the material from Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

In the days leading up to October 14 (a Wednesday), an account on called “Freedom_USA_88” had repeatedly posted threads that claimed that a “massive” story about Biden was coming out that day. The user wrote that a “huge story about Biden will break that will end his campaign” and urged fellow users to tell undecided voters “to wait to vote until after Wednesday.” The user claimed that they had been “authorized to drop a hint about Wednesday’s story” and “know the parties involved.”…

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News on Wednesday night that Twitter “essentially” had her at ” gunpoint” by locking her out of her account for sharing a New York Post story on Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, that has drawn questions about its sourcing and accuracy.

McEnany's account, which reaches more 5.7 million followers, was locked early Wednesday evening, but was restored Thursday morning.

“They essentially have me at gunpoint and said unless you delete this story, a news story by the New York Post, I cannot regain access to my account,” McEnany told Sean Hannity on his primetime program.



— Evan Kilgore 🇺🇸 (@EvanAKilgore) October 15, 2020


— Paula Chertok🗽 (@PaulaChertok) October 15, 2020



— Fast Company (@FastCompany) October 15, 2020


— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) October 15, 2020


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