Buttigieg TEA Party meeting is positive. It’s his centrism that’s fatal to middle-class

Pete Buttigieg is getting a lot of flak for meeting with the Tea Party-affiliated group Citizens for Common Sense. I have a different take on it.

Pete Buttigieg engaging the TEA Party back in 2010 was a good thing. Progressives should not be upset at that behavior but of who he has become.

If I were Pete Buttigieg I would use the Tea Party video to my advantage especially because his words were just about all correct in approaching the other side. His words would lend to at least give him a hearing.

order of magnitude too neoliberal. We should be hammering candidates articulating Republican policies and using them to enlighten both Republicans and Democrats alike.

We cannot allow the Establishments to continue defining the debate. They know we are set for a huge win in 2020. They want to institute fear so that they can control the kind of candidate we decide to acquiesce to as the only one capable of winning the general. We must not buy into it.

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