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Bust! for POTUS (flipping or categorically)

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Will scripts get flipped, as the silly season continues. Trump led his Super Bowl appearance whining about how unfair impeachment has been, calling Bernie a communist because he got married in Moscow (he didn’t), and about Hillary Clinton and emails.



The reality of 2004 is that given that there was an available, alternative narrative (jumping off the boat and neutralizing the enemy) than the “rescue” one that was used to combat swiftboating, John Kerry was poorly served by his campaign.


The bottom line: This sense of invulnerability is why the White House thought it could get away with hosting a gathering of world leaders at Trump's private club in Doral.

  • Trump's choice of Doral for the G7 was one of the few times in recent memory when Republicans got the president to change his mind.
  • Trump retracted the decision, but an aide told me he was reluctant as he thought his Doral decision was “perfect.”

“I swear to God, this guy is the luckiest SOB that's ever lived,” said a former White House official who stays in close touch with current officials. “That's not to say he hasn't done right things. But the flip side is, he's one of these away from a massive F-up.”…

The DNC's counter disinformation has already had some wins — it has identified coordinated accounts that the social media platforms have removed, as CNN has previously reported. But the DNC staffer CNN spoke to Saturday said that their biggest challenge will likely not come from anonymous bots and blogs.
“The most powerful person in the country is a disinformation agent,” he said, exasperated.




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