Businesses must see a “benefit” in fighting climate change.

I was listening to an Apple representative explain this:

Apple and partners launch first-ever $200 million Restore Fund to accelerate natural solutions to climate change Investment builds on the company’s forestry and responsible packaging innovations to deliver new financial and climate returns.

The partnership aims to unlock the potential of this natural solution by scaling it in a way that makes it attractive to businesses.

By attractive what she meant was “that businesses had to see some benefit in doing so… Otherwise.”

I nearly drove into oncoming traffic as my brain skipped a beat or two, it is still somewhat boggled.

They have to see a return?

Otherwise, what exactly?

The cost of climate change will easily run into trillions.

We all know by now who will pick up the tab, as always the business losses will be socialized, if not in money, then in lives lost.

Do businesses require more than “survival of the species” after the 6th mass extinction as an incentive?

Well I’ll be buggered.


  • April 19, 2021
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