It’s easy to see PBO in a Hawai’ian shirt, but while Trump would never be seen in such apparel, Trump has chosen to promote antifa over Boogaloo Boys, even as no member of the former has ever been seen brandishing a firearm. Boogaloo Boys explicitly want a civil war and have been willing to disrupt peaceful demonstrations to achieve it. Trump may want that bit of the ultra-violence to get re-elected.

It’s a pageant — with a domestic battlespace.

Trump does his IMPOTUS* cosplay, claiming he’s calling out thousands of military to what, support your “Second Amendment Rights”. What, if he at some moment actually proclaims the 1807 Insurrection Act, he is in effect hoping for a civil war. Will some Trumpist governor actually take him up on this. The 1878 Posse Comitatus Act will not happen, we are a long way off from any of this.

The bottom line is that there are groups committed enough to Trumpism to attempt to drive conflicts like the current one toward an actual civil war. We are no where near that moment.

Worse is the reality (reported by CNN) that Trump was annoyed that people were mocking his trip to the Drumpfbuner on the weekend.

“Boogers” cosplay



found this sweet tactical vest in my mom’s dresser

Donald Trump begins to appeal to “Roof Koreans” meme.


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