Bundy Tells Idahoans to Ignore Stay-At-Home Orders Because the Governor Wasn't Polite

You remember Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy. The Bundy family has led armed takeovers of federal land in Oregon and Nevada in 2014 and 2016 because they didn’t want to pay grazing fees to the feds.

Well, now he’s back. This time it’s the state of Idaho that’s got him riled up. Seems that the governor, rather than politely suggesting that maybe physical distancing just might not be a bad idea right now, had the gall, the temerity, the chutzpah, to order it instead. Bundy called a meeting the next day to oppose the order:

Ammon Bundy Pledges ‘Physical Defense’ For Those Who Defy Idaho’s COVID-19 Order

Bundy, who lives in Idaho, announced a “people’s meeting” on Facebook to respond to the state government’s COVID-19 “stay-home order,” which the governor signed on March 25. A few dozen people responded to the call the next day, crowding an otherwise empty building in Bundy’s hometown of Emmett, according to video of the gathering that an attendee subsequently posted on Facebook.

“The right to travel is not theirs to take,” Bundy announced to the crowd. “The right to assemble is not theirs to take. The right to worship how and when and where we want is not theirs to take.”

If a business owner decides to keep their business open in violation of the state order, Bundy said, he would organize a group to “surround them and protect them.”

“Physical defense,” Bundy said, could include weapons.

Bundy said he had to do this because the governor ordered it instead of suggesting it.

Bundy told the AP that he wasn’t opposed to social distancing in itself, but that he objected to the state forcing him to do so.

“If it was a guideline, I would applaud it,” he said. “It’s not, it’s an order.”

A video of the meeting was reported to show people “mostly” keeping some distance from each other, but even so, this guy and the other nuts are going to risk their lives and the lives of those around them just because the governor wasn’t nice to them.

  • April 5, 2020