Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel?  Trump and his minions. 

Here are reproductions of posts and narratives from the website of the National Butterfly Center, covering their demonstration and march yesterday. 

An earlier march.  The National Butterfly Center Facebook page has video of yesterday’s march and demonstration. www.facebook.com/…

The bulldozers have already begun site clearance to build a wall on a river levee that passes right through the middle of the Butterfly Center’s land, destroying hard-fought habitat for endangered butterflies near our Southern Border.

Yesterday, during a march against the Wall’s attack on the Center, the federal cops allowed demonstrators generally to walk onto the Center’s lands, but they wouldn’t allow Center employees to walk onto their own land. Here are some of the Center’s postings:

The International Boundary & Water Commission security officer, Mr. Martinez, and other LEOs tried to order us off our property, today. They allow the Winter Texans, the joggers, bikers and dog walkers, to traverse the levee on OUR property, but assert we cannot. They also installed signs on our property this week that say it is U.S. GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, and it is not! Sign shown in comments. #Resist #NoWallThank you, Chris Taylor, for documenting this and THANK to everyone who came out to protest!

We had a nicely attended protest/march today, from Bentsen State Park to the National Butterfly Center, and then on up the levee. The levee is an easement that crosses the NBC, which is private property. Here, Marianna Trevino Wright (the Executive Director of the NBC) gives it to the Mission P.D., who were interfering with our 1st amendment rights. She won the argument and we finished our business.


The butterfly supporters have more demonstrations scheduled for March 2 and 3. If Gaia’s willing and the creeks don’t rise, I may be there with my whole SDS chapter (me).  

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