Brit Hume is the latest Fox pundit to lash out at King Idiot

No one would ever confuse Brit Hume with David Hume (people used to ask me all the time how I would ever use philosophy in the real world — asked and answered, motherfuckers). But ol’ Brit is the latest Fox News pundit to cast a jaundiced eye in King Carotene’s direction.

Shepard Smith has long been a lonely dissenter at the network when it comes to the infantile antics of Dear Leader, but others are slowly throwing down the gauntlet.  

Last week Fox host Neil Cavuto blasted the pr*sident, who had risibly claimed the stock market would crash without him, by saying, “You don’t prevent a constitutional crisis by threatening a financial one. But, Mr. President, you guarantee both when your very actions and words create that crisis or make people think that you’re hiding one.”


And now Hume has gotten in on the action, citing Trump’s less-than-gushing tribute to the late Sen. John McCain:


I had the same reaction when I read Trump’s tweet. He chose not to say a single word about McCain himself (or his long, distinguished service to our country), instead opting to extend condolences to his family. It was pretty close to the least he could do in response to the news of McCain’s passing, which inspired glowing tributes from across the political spectrum.

So are these two anti-Trump flare-ups just a blip, or are lips that were once securely Gorilla Glued to the pr*sident’s Pull-Ups gradually dislodging and finding a way to express some faint simulacrum of the truth?

Or do these folks simply know when it’s time to stop bailing and look for a life jacket?


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