Brian Wilson slams Beach Boys' appearance at hunting conference featuring Donald Trump Jr.

Beach Boys founding member and rock music icon Brian Wilson is telling fans to stop buying Beach Boys music until the group stops supporting trophy hunting.

Wilson, who co-founded the band with his brothers Dennis and Carl, as well as Mike Love and Al Jardine, is slamming the group’s decision to perform at the upcoming Safari Club International Convention, where Donald Trump Jr. will be the keynote speaker. Love owns the rights to the touring edition of the Beach Boys.



— Brian Wilson (@BrianWilsonLive) February 3, 2020


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The petition reads, in part, “The Safari Club International convention is the world’s biggest wildlife killing market – a staggering 870 companies will be selling trophy hunting holidays and wildlife body parts including animal heads this year. … The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting predicts that US hunters will shoot an estimated 20,000 animals from protected species this year. Most trophy hunts are sold at these conventions.”

It’s hard to imagine what kind of person enjoys killing beautiful, intelligent, majestic wild animals for giggles, and then I look at Donald Trump Jr.’s face and am instantly reminded. And to pose with the animal you just killed while flashing a stupid silver-spoon grin? Let me block off an entire weekend on my Google calendar to do nothing but dry heave. 

Thanks, Brian Wilson, for standing up for the innocent. If only everyone showed the same humanity and decency.

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