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Breaking: Why the democrat party will lose!!! According to very objective media!

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Republicans will win this. For sure. Democrat politicians in trouble.

The Mitch McConnell. He’s a sly one that Mitch. Did you see him speak?  Democrats better do what he says, he’s a sly one.

Sure there were thousands of housewives marching over the weekend, but yawn.  But there are a buzzajillion Federal workers in Virginia and Maryland.  And they are the ones who elect the Senators. So those Democrat senators better watch out.

And the red states.  Oh, did I mention the red states. Haha. Those red states are right there, being red.

And Kacie D.Cl is tired of all this. She’s bored already.

And Lindsey Graham, he is so cute in his red hat. And he’s shuttling back and forth.

And that Mitch McConnell, he just told the Democrats they better do what he says. He’s a sly one for sure.

And Jeff Flake, who is the bestest person because he said Trump treats the press bad. Did you see the profile in courage said go with Mitch! Go with Mitch!

And Chuck Todd’s nose tells him there is going to be a three week CR and Dems fold. He says it over and over again.

And all the housewives have gone home. They had to make dinner. Now everybody has got to worry about the housewives.

And Lindsey said Stephen Miller is not such a good guy. Whoa!!! Lindsey is Mr. Integrity. He’s a cute Winstons Churchill in a red hat.

And Jeff Flake said he’s voting with Mitch. He’s right on the money every time he does that. The Democrats have to go along if they know what is good for them.

And Kacie D.C. needs to get her hair done. Can we just end all this squabbling.

And actually there are a hundred buzajillion Federal workers in Maryland and Virginia and they all agree with Mitch.

And that Mitch, he’s a sly one. Did you see Schumer. He can’t even wear his glasses right.

And Susan Collins is having people in her office. Susan Collins always does the right thing. And people are coming in and out and Hooboy. The Democat politicians can fight that.

And Murkowski is there and that seals it because Murkowski is a moderate.

The moderates are trying to convince Mitch that maybe, a little bit, he can say he’ll think about what the Democrats want. Whew, that just about ends it.

There are so many moderates and they really think Mitch McConnell is running the whole thing.

See Lindsey and Jeff Flake are moderates because they don’t smile so much at Trump.

The Mitch McConnell, he’s a sly one.

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