This will be short but bitter. Despite claims that he doesn't support the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (RFRA) for Michigan, this afternoon, Gov. Snyder signed a package of three bills into law that are accurately described as “RFRA for Adoptions”.

By signing the legislation into law, Gov. Snyder is joining his fellow Republicans in saying that children waiting to be adopted are better off without a permanent home than they are with two loving parents of the same gender.

Actions like this are not “progress”. They are not “restoring religious freedom”. They are not “Christian”. They are using religion as a cudgel to force the narrow, bigoted religious views of a small segment of our society onto everyone else. It is the continuation of the formation of a state-level theocracy and it should frighten even the most devoutly spiritual people of our state.

The painful irony in all of this is that the U.S. Supreme Court may well make marriage equality the law of the land within a few weeks but, in Michigan, because of our antiquated civil rights statutes and these new laws, you would be able to legally marry your same-sex spouse but also be legally fired from your job or denied housing based on your sexual orientation or gender identity and be denied services from an adoption agency, as well.