Bracing for Dorian and other nightmares

There are many models for Hurricane Dorian.   From all the models, it appears this storm will hit  just below Jacksonville, when it comes to Florida.   It is a big Hurricane upgraded within the last few hours from a Tropical Storm to a Hurricane.  

Puerto Rico is bracing for the worst while Florida is looking at a Cat 3.  It can go anywhere but the models are showing a major hit somewhere between Daytona and Jacksonville, crossing the state.

I guess we can count on ICE to help people ( snark) since funds are being diverted to Ice from FEMA.

Nancy Pelosi and the house needs to start impeachment considering we cannot depend on a fair election and if people are waiting on a fair election to get some of these criminals out of office, she is not thinking about the “ what if”  democrats will not hold power in 2020 with all of this Russian and countries interfering in our democracy and elections.

Stay safe folks.  Between Russian obligarchs loaning crooks money and more crazy coming out of the news everyday including, Trump’s lover boy Kim working on ballistic missles, who can not worry about the crazy downward spiral this country is in.   Recession looming, Hurricanes, land takeovers, foreign countries interfering in elections and too much more to mention, we need to do something now as we are going to be in a world of hurt regarding our country.   One man and enabled by do nothing legislators can make many of us  very homeless soon.  We can’t wait on an election that more than likely could be stolen, no matter what the polls say.

I think this song is very appropriate for where we are in this state of the USA.