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Boycott Florida. PLEASE ! DeSantis is trying to kill us all for a dollar.

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Ron Desantis makes Rick Scott look like a saint.  Seriously, who would have thought such a thing.

He hasn’t done squat over Hurricane damage and in hiding.  He sends out pre recorded messages and the local news has been running on a scroll line how he has lifted all precautions regarding Covid.  Things such as mask enforcement.. full capacity in restaurants.  If not they will have to give reasons why not?  Executive orders.  Children allowed to visit nursing homes even when people have tested positive and not even a mandate on social distancing.   

We have no recall provision in Florida but that man has to be a priority as much as Trump and McConnell to go.  Florida will send Covid up and down the east coast.  Boycott and keep your dollars out of this state.  Keep yourselves save and starve Florida from dollars that these crazy republicans are sacrificing life for.…

Despite potential health risks for the elderly, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday defended the prospect of Thanksgiving gatherings for those living within the state’s long-term care facilities.

“We need to be able to have family connections,” DeSantis said. “This is very, very important. Not everyone who is in these facilities is on the brink of passing away.”

The Governor’s remarks came during a roundtable discussion at a Fort Myers long-term care facility. While there, he argued that decisions on health and risk are best made by individuals and their families.…

Can Florida return to life as normal without containing the spread of the novel coronavirus?

The answer from Gov. Ron DeSantis is an emphatic yes. And, whether Floridians know it or not, he is pursuing a policy that will allow the virus to spread freely in the state until most of the population becomes infected — or is vaccinated with a yet-to-be obtained vaccine — while attempting to protect those thought to be most vulnerable.

He urged communities, and Florida’s colleges, to resume large gatherings and reduce social-distancing requirements. He also encouraged people to assemble without restrictions in gyms, theaters, restaurants and football stadiums.

That same day, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security recorded Florida as having 20 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the country on that day.…

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday extended his executive order that bans local governments from enforcing mask mandate violations.

On Sept. 25, DeSantis signed an executive order that prevented municipalities from fining people for violating a mask ordinance and has stated that he’s not going to have any more lockdowns. The order, which signaled Florida's move to phase 3, also prevents cities and counties from ordering restaurants to close without justifying it for economic or health reasons.

Related: Florida adds more than 8,500 new cases Tuesday

Last week, five Florida mayors said they were extremely concerned about the rising number of coronavirus cases in the state, and begged DeSantis to change his approach to the virus in hopes of slowing the spread.

This state has more seniors and veterans living here than any other state.  

For all we know Desantis is in hiding from either his decisions or Covid.  Who knows because he sends out emails and recorded messages.  The man is trying to be Trump and it won’t work for him because he does not have even as much sense or some sort of strange cultish charisma Trump has.  He is just a want a be.  They say he has lots of education.  Well, obviously he has been educated beyond his intelligence. 

 Starve Florida of it’s dollars.   Do not come here and spend your money.

DeSantis is trying to kill Mickey Mouse and grandma and grandpa.  What kind of deranged person would send children into nursing homes where there are positive cases and visa versa.  That happened today.  Channel 10 has been running it on their scroll line.  

I don’t want to hear anyone come into this post saying Florida deserves it.  We the progressives who voted Dem and worked out butts off did not deserve this idiot governor.  I honestly believe old Desatan has Covid or scared to face Floridians.   He has been in hiding since Biden won.  I wonder if old Trump is hanging something over his head since he is now a resident here which I read is against the law because of Mar a Largo rules about residence and club being one and the same.…

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Cap News Services) – Florida is on track to become the third state in the country to hit 1 million cases of COVID-19, likely within the next week. Across Florida, mayors and others are growing frustrated by their lack of enforcement power of pandemic policies.

When the pandemic began, Gov. Ron DeSantis shied away from enacting certain across-the-board pandemic policies like a face mask mandate, instead favoring local control.

PLEASE…INVESTIGATE FLORIDA …Something is really crazy down here.  Crazier than normal.

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