From The Boston Globe:

Former governor Deval Patrick, three months removed from his short-lived presidential bid, is reemerging with a political action committee aimed at boosting presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Senate and House candidates, both this fall and beyond.

The TogetherFund PAC intends to work alongside campaigns and other organizations in competitive states and districts where the Democratic Party is trying to add seats in Congress, according to Patrick and aides.

Exactly how and where is to be determined, he said. But the Boston-based committee offers Patrick the potential of operating from a high-profile platform, where he can tap back into fund-raising networks and spread help to like-minded Democrats as he maps a path in the national political landscape.

Patrick said he intends to be involved with the committee for the next two to three election cycles, and said a repeat bid at political office is “not on the immediate horizon, to be sure.”

“I took my shot this last cycle. Now, I want to help others,” said Patrick, who had initially decided in late 2018 against running for president before launching a belated bid and finishing far back in the Democratic field in the New Hampshire primary in February.

“This PAC is about more than just this cycle. I want this to be ongoing for the next several,” Patrick, 63, said. “I hope it takes on a life of its own and it proves its value over time.”

Patrick follows other former White House candidates in pivoting to new ways to stay involved this fall. Pete Buttigieg, the former South Bend, Ind., mayor, last month started his own PAC, and Senator Amy Klobuchar launched an effort to help a slate of House and Senate candidates.

We are going to need all the help that we can get and I thank Patrick for getting involved. I’ll keep you posted when Patric’s PAC announces it’s first slate of candidates. Until then, click here to donate and get involved with Joe Biden’s campaign.

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