Boomer Granny may be door to Medicare for All messaged?

Boomer Granny, Door to Medicare for All if messaged correctly? My life-changing event.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am excited to start this new year focused on an agenda to uplift, empower, and taking control of our lives from those who don’t have our best interest at hand. I am personally committed to trying to make a positive difference in whatever sphere of influence I have.

Bad policies affect most of us. We should not be coerced into selecting politicians out of irrational fear or cooked data. Our vote is consequential. So in this current election let’s select the candidate that provides policies that will materially make a difference in our lives not those who look out for a select group of benefactors.

Read the entire episode’s blog post here.

A life-changing event for my family occurred on Christmas day. Just before dinner, my mother-in-law had a massive stroke. The ordeals my wife, her brothers, and sisters are going through given our medical system, I would wish on no one. Like most Americans to whom this has happened this will likely be a huge financial hit.

Why do I bring this up? As my wife and her siblings handle their mother’s affairs, care, etc. we are seeing up close how dysfunctional our Medical Industrial Complex is. And I’ll tell you, it’s worse than I thought and you know I have always considered our healthcare system an upward-wealth-transferring evil extractive pilfering system.

My wife has Lupus and we have always paid ridiculous rates for insurance with most expenses still coming out of pocket. While the ACA was a blessing that gave us more options, as the program matured, it morphed back into the past.

I covered my current experience which I know is representative of what many are going through on Politics Done Right recently. It has been edited down to around 15 minutes as I want to get it in front of as many people as possible. Please watch the entire video above. Please share it as well. We have got to get Medicare for All.


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