Bolsonaro Tests POSITIVE After Trump Meeting [Update: Bolsonaro says it was NEGATIVE]

On Saturday, Trump and Brazilian President Bolsonaro met at Mar-A-Lago. Yesterday, following reports that his communications aid, who was also present, has tested positive, Bolsonaro agreed to get a test. The result, according to the Bralizian newspaper O Dia:

Primeiro exame de Bolsonaro teria testado positivo para coronavírus

You don’t need to understand Portuguese (I don’t) to figure out what it says: Bolsonaro is positive for COVID-19. Here is the story from Business Insider:

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, O Dia, a major Brazilian newspaper, reported on Friday.

And Trump’s refusal to face reality on the coronavirus is now personal:

However, the White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham released a statement on Thursday saying Trump and Vice President Mike Pence do not need to be tested for the novel coronavirus because they had very little interaction with Wajngarten.

Even if true (and it doesn’t take much interaction, so far as we know — and what DO we really know?), Trump did have close “interaction” with Bolsonaro.

I wish Trump a long an healthy life behind bars, but there would be some kind of poetic justice in this if he does come down with COVID-19. But he’ll first try to hide it from the public, and then insist it was just the flu. Riiiiight.

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