Boebert alarmed that gays, lesbians and sweet transvestites will reign supreme with the equality act

“There is nothing about equality in that act! If anything, it’s, the, uh, it’s supremacy of gays, lesbians, and transvestites. This is what this is about, it’s about putting them higher than anyone else!”  Lauren Boebert 

Trumpanzee Representative Lauren Boebert (QAnon CO) does what she does best while speaking with disgraced traitor Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast, where she stirred up anti-LGBT hatred. She stated falsely that the Equality Act would put straight white people at a disadvantage as gay people would be considered superior under the law over their heterosexual counterparts.  The poor thing, equality means just that, everyone is equal under the law.

From Out Front Magazine:

After Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) utilized prejudice remarks against the LGBTQ community to express opposition to the Equality Act, Colorado politicians like Representative Brianna Titone spoke out.

The Equality Act would expand existing civil rights protection on the bases of sex, sexual orientation, gender orientation, and other related identities. While the Equality Act has been passed by the House of Representatives in the past, it has met resistance in the Senate.

“Equality for who?” Boebert asked before the House in the days leading up to the vote. “Where is the equality in this legislation for the young girls across America who will have to look behind their backs as they change in school locker rooms just to make sure there isn’t a confused man trying to catch a peek?”

She proceeded to misgender and misname a theoretical transgender crisis counselor whom she considered a threat to young girls experiencing sexual assault. She concluded by telling her colleagues to vote against the “Inequality” Act for the sake of “privacy” and “decency.”

Representative Brianna Titone, chair of the Colorado Democrats LGBTQ Caucus, spoke out against the transphobia perpetuated by Rep. Boebert.

“Colorado has come such a long way from when we were deemed the ‘Hate State’ in 1992,” said Rep. Titone in statement condemning Boebert’s remarks. “Congresswoman Boebert’s words seek to bring us back. Coloradans deserve to be shown respect and dignity from Congressional leaders, but she has instead attacked children and endangered the lives of trans kids in Colorado and in every community in our country. Congress must pass the Equality Act, and everyone who claims to stand with the LGBTQ community should condemn the congresswoman’s dangerous remarks.”

The Equality Act passed the House of Representatives but is hanging on by a thread in the Senate.

  • March 3, 2021