Body Cam: DC Police drag racing crash | Officer fired

One of the officers DC police say was involved in a drag race that totaled two patrol vehicles belonging to the DC Police Department has been fired, officials said. During a news conference following the launch of the District’s Summer Crime Prevention Initiative on Monday, acting DC Police Chief Robert Contee said that a probationary officer was fired last week in connection with the incident back on April 22.

“Obviously those types of things are unacceptable, they’re embarrassing [and] it’s not something we tolerate,” Contee said. “And it’s something that I don’t tolerate as the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department.”

Contee said the other individuals that are involved with the drag racing incident are part of an internal affairs investigation that will be going over to the Office of the Attorney General for their judicial review to make a determination on what the next steps will be — determining if there will be any charges that come out of the investigation.

  • May 5, 2021