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Blue state politicians have to stop being schlemiels

Okay, the story. A man goes into a restaurant and orders soup. The waiter brings it over but trips over something and spills it on the man. The man jumps up and says, “You idiot, you spilled the soup. You’re such a schlemiel.” Another customer says, “yeah, but you’re the one who has soup spilled on him, you schlamozel.”

It is incredible what the red state politicians are doing. After everybody votes for hurricane relief funds for Harvey and I am sure for Irma, two red states, the red state politicians are crowing that they are going to vote for Graham-Cassidy bill because it hurts blue states.  And the people these blue state politicians are supposed to be protecting, who it is their job to protect, are going to lose their insurance, their health and possibly their lives while they send their taxpayer dollars down to rebuild these same states that are screwing them over so they can be good as new.

Think on this for a while. Democratic politicians are the definition of schlemiels and their constituents are the definition of schlamozels.  I know everybody is saying “oh, we need to help people in times of disaster” but healthcare is a slow moving disaster just as insidious.  As long as blue state politicians rush to help red states and then get spit in the face and shrug and say what can we do this is going to go on. And their constituents are the ones bearing the burden, having soup spilled all over them.

If Graham-Cassidy passes the blue states need to know they are on their own, and so are the red states. 

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