Blue America accounts for 71% of the GDP, a failure of Red State politicians’ policies.

Blue America accounts for 71% of the GDP, a failure of Red State politicians' policies.

It seems that Red State politicians have a lot to answer to their constituents. While they like to blame others, it is clear they have failed policies.

Red State politicians must explain this to their constituents

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We have known that the Red States are welfare states in that they are more dependent on government than the Blue States are. In fact, they take much more money out of the Federal Government in the aggregate than they put in.

While the Red States citizens are responsible for the politicians they choose and the failure these politicians represent, one must understand that an entire industry is dedicated to misleading them into voting against their own interests. Democrats and Progressives could, if they wanted to, invest more in building a Red State infrastructure tailored to the level of indoctrination in those states. That could bring substantial payback in the long run. But one wonders if both parties’ Establishment like a certain level of polarization to ensure the upper classes’ supremacy.

Red State politicians are overrepresented in Congress given the smaller population they represent. That they provide so much misery to their citizens that ultimately led to an insurrection is a reality that must be exposed continuously and graphically.

Fareed Zakaria‘s documentary The Divided States of America laid out a stark fact that made clear Red State politicians decimated their states. The Blue States generate 71% of the U.S. GDP. The Red States generate just 29%. There is no practical reason for this huge disparity. One can assume much.

Bragging about low taxes does little to illustrate the damage to its population. These Red States invest less in education, healthcare, and much more. Why then would these states do as economically well?

Low taxes are advantageous to the rich and not to the masses. Worse, as more low tax states bring parasitic corporations seeking low taxes, they likely bring their employees educated with Blue State tax dollars.

Will Red States hold their politicians accountable?

  • February 1, 2021