Black While Shopping. “Gas Station Brenda” Calls Police on People Shopping In Her Convenience Store.

Members of the “Guns Down Chuck Town” a Charleston, S.C.  offshoot of the national Guns Down America movement advocating for “a future with fewer guns” in America, had just marched a mile through the streets of North Charleston and stopped at a Murphy Express gas station to buy some drinks for the kids marching with them.

What they didn’t count on was a racist white woman calling the Police on them for patronizing her (she may be the manager) store.

Charleston City Paper

“A woman called the cops on an anti-violence march in North Charleston that consisted mostly of children, according to a 911 call and video of the incident.

A Facebook video posted on Sunday shows a man leaning on the back of a truck outside of the Murphy Express convenience store at 8599 Rivers Ave. He hands a phone to a woman, who asks the cameraman to turn his camera off as throngs of young children and parents wearing T-shirts reading “Guns Down Chuck Town” stand near the door of the store. The woman enters the store and hides behind an ATM while still on the phone.

The video was posted by Charleston-area community activist Jonathan Thrower, who also goes by the name Shakem Akhet.

Thrower, who helped lead the march on Sun. Oct. 14, tells City Paper that demonstrators stopped by a different gas station to hand out information about conflict resolution earlier in the day.

“We went and got a lot of elementary and middle school students ’cause this was a youth march,” he said. “When we got to the end of [Otranto] Road, some of the children said, ‘We’re thirsty’ and ‘Can we stop to get something to drink?'”

”Gas Station Becky” sprung into action with her phone at the prospect of increased revenue for the store and blatantly lied to the police dispatcher, saying that the folks outside her store were “rioting” and shutting off her gas pumps — while the video shows nothing of the kind:

They did buy drinks and snacks though….

Here’s an audio recording so you can hear her lies:

When are the police gonna start at least charging these crazy white people real money for the expense of following up on these nuisance calls?

It can’t be too soon.

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