Black man’s message before the verdict about the National Guard is more telling than most realize.

Upon listening to @AliVelshi's interview with this young black man's take on the National Guard protecting Minneapolis pre-verdict is more telling than most think.

The use of the National Guard tells a bigger story

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Ali Velshi asked the young black artist a prescient question. And I specify the man's “race” because he is someone who understands what his community is going through day after day. Ali asked him what happens if Derek Chauvin gets off.

The answer was what one would expect. People of color are so used to police officers getting off after murdering them is no longer a surprise. But he implied that had the verdict been an acquittal or a lesser charge, one would likely expect massive protest.

But the man had a much more profound statement that could be extrapolated in so many areas.

“Not enough people are out here defending people, so we do not have these incidents,” the young man said. “I said earlier, you know. I've seen a lot of National Guard down here protecting these buildings. If they protected the people, you and I wouldn't be having this conversation.”

There is a lot that could read into that statement. But the overarching message is that our government, powered by certain interests, will invest in law and order and protect the rich and well-connected's capital. But investing in the day, the day needs that are causal to these situations are rarely considered.

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  • April 21, 2021