Black Defense Secretary asked if the military is racist then treated with racist disregard.

Black Defense Secretary asked if the military is racist then treated with racist disregard

Senator Tom Cotton attempted to force the new Black Defense Secretary to claim the military he runs is not racist. He handled him well.

Black Defense Secretary challenged by racist bully Senator

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Senator Tom Cotton proved in his interrogation of the new Black Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin that he is not only a racist but an insincere bully. He attempted to operate like a lawyer where he hammers down a hasty but wrong or incomplete answer for an ulterior motive.

Cotton asked the Secretary of defense if the military is a racist institution, He wanted a yes or no answer. When Austin told him the answer could not be answered in that digital form, the Senator rudely and abruptly stopped the Secretary.

The Secretary then gave a gated answer noting that the military is not inherently racist. But, of course, everyone knows that it is not racist by the letter of the law, but it is structurally racist. It was not difficult for Chris Hayes to prove that with a picture of the Top Brass who was pictured behind Trump, Nor was it difficult to show that Lloyd Austin is the first black person to hold the position.

I can imagine that Austin knew that Fox News and Right would have a field day if he gave “YES” as the binary answer asked of him. After all, it would be must truer to reality. The Right is a mode where they want to erase our racist and predatory history. The thing is, one cannot hide from reality. And the sooner the Right realizes that the sooner we can atone and the good people of America take over.

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  • June 13, 2021