Eugene Robinson has completely lost patience with Trump and The Republican Party. They are trying to return to Jim Crow.

Eugene Robinson slams Trump & Republican Party

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Donald Trump and the Republican Party clearly believes that because people of color have an affinity for the Democratic Party that somehow their votes should not count. That is why the counties they want to scrutinize tend to be those with many people of color.

Eugene Robinson, a Washington Post columnist, went on a rant on MSNBC that expressed his disgust and the sad reality of what Trump and the Republican Party represent.

“I just want to talk about how outrageously racist, what Donald Trump is doing now, and what the Republican Party is acquiescing and actively supporting aiding and abetting.” Eugene Robinson said. “This is out of the Jim Crow playbook. They're trying to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of mostly African-American voters in Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. The cities they're so concerned about in Pennsylvania, in the state of Georgia where there was good black turnout in the Atlanta area and Savannah.”

Robinson was not done.

“Donald Trump is a racist,” Robinson continued. “[That] is not, you know, breaking news. But the fact that the Republican Party in its entirety with the few exceptions like Secretary of State Raffensperger, the Republican Party is going along with this and acquiescing and saying 'Oh well, the president has every right to pursue every legal option,' and refusing to stand up to this nakedly racist tactic and serious attempt to get black votes thrown out is just outrageous and disgusting and shameful.”

Robinson then dismissed the Republican Party as a clear and present danger to people of color.

“You know how I've always thought that it would be good for African Americans if both major parties really competed for our votes,” Robinson said. “It would be good for the community, and maybe some future Republican Party will do that. But these Republicans are abdicating the right to, even pretend to do that anymore because of the way they are.”

Eugene Robinson hits the nail on the head in both tone and substance.

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  • November 20, 2020
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