Billy Graham's granddaughter is right. Her words made it clear that Progressive values are in line with the Jesus they claim to serve.

Billy Graham's granddaughter speaks

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Jerusha Duford was clear on how to handle those who attempt to come to the United States for freedom from persecution and opportunities.

“The scripture is so clear with us about how we should handle refugees,” Jerushah Duford said. “How we should handle orphans. And it's not really an option for our faith to just turn a blind eye to these kinds of things.”

The host pointed out that most white evangelicals vote for Trump. She asked Duford why she is voting for Biden.

“I have to make my decisions based on if my goals as a Christian as an Evangelical is to show God's love to other people,” Duford replied. “I need to vote for the candidate who I think is going to make that bridge easier. I think that Trump has just caused so much division in the last four years. He's caused division in the country. He's also caused division in the church, and it's just something that I think has actually really given the Evangelical church a bad name. I think we were kind of hanging on by our, you know, a string anyways. I just for me what's valuable to me is teaching others and showing others about Jesus, and I think that the policies and the character of Biden just aligns more with that.”

Her response to those who vote for Trump simply for the abortion question was apropos.

“For me, pro-life does not just mean um life inside the womb,” Duford replied. “Pro-life means different things as far as what we just talked about at the border, health care, poverty, homelessness, all of these things show that for me if you're going to be pro-life, you've got to be pro-adoption and pro-foster care. I wish that the Republicans would value life outside the womb more. So I just don't think pro-life and anti-abortion pro-life are two different things.”

For those who are Evangelical Christians, the question is always what Jesus would do. We find out that when we find out based on the scripture what Jesus would do in today's world, he would be considered a progressive, and she just articulated that perfectly in her commentary.

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