Did you know that Michael Bloomberg’s entry into the Democratic presidential race upends it?  Really.  I’m not kidding.  I know because the Media tells me so.  And it is especially bad for Joe Biden.  Oh, it won’t help Pete Buttigieg either.

Analysts say a Bloomberg candidacy could do the most damage to the prospects of frontrunner Joe Biden, but the former vice president put on a brave face Friday and said he was not worried Bloomberg would draw away centrist voters.

I think you see the pattern here.  I’m a Warren supporter, but Bloomberg jumping into the race does nothing in my humble opinion.  What we have going on is another Mediagasm whenever a billionaire jumps into the race.  And like any rush of sexual excitement, this to will pass.

First, why the hell would black voters who are the backbone of Biden’s supporters switch to Bloomberg?  I can’t remember which talking head brought this up, but supposedly when some intrepid reporter or even voter asks Bloomberg about his stop and frisk policy in NYC, Bloomberg can throw in Biden’s face, “You voted for the 1994 Crime Bill!”

I already know Biden’s response to this, and so far, it’s worked for Biden.  “I was Barack Obama’s VP.”  End of story.  

And other Democrats who are running have already tried to hit Biden on his support of the Crime Bill.  It has not worked.  Biden worked for Obama, and that is what counts with Biden’s black supporters.

I’m reasonably sure that Bloomberg’s defense of his stop and frisk policy will go right down the shitter with most black voters.  I couldn’t help but LOL when I saw this Tweet by Elie Mystal:


And I won’t link to the article that claims Bloomberg’s entrance will somehow step all over Buttigieg’s momentum.  I just don’t see that happening because Buttigieg’s rise is primarily due to his efforts in IA.  Bloomberg announced that he isn’t even going to campaign in IA or NH.  If you are not going one on one with Buttigieg until Super Tuesday, how can you be affecting the race?

And Bloomberg is not going to gain any love from progressives because his stated attention is to stop Warren or Sanders from being the nominee.  Bloomberg doesn’t want to pay any more in taxes.  Period.  

I seem to recall another loser billionaire coffee CEO who tried to run because he was pissed off that his taxes were going to rise.  Who was that?  Hmmmmm…

But the Media just loves them some billionaires.  They are always fun and good for ratings.