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bigly Trump will begin his tunt revival tour at CPAC

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Let’s hope he does another two-hour snore-fest speech. “Trump to speak at CPAC conference in Florida next week: he plans to directly attack President Biden’s new immigration plan and will talk about the future of the Republican Party, a source familiar with his speech said.” The usual lies and perhaps some idiocy about his wall may feature in the latest bit to rebrand a distraction from the oncoming prosecutions.

What we’re hearing: Trump plans to directly attack President Biden’s new immigration plan and will talk about the future of the Republican Party, a source familiar with his speech said.

  • The former president will criticize what he’ll argue is the Biden administration’s “disastrous” amnesty and border policies, and vow to remain a key leader in the conservative movement to fight against Biden.
  • His speech comes after Trump ripped into Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, promising to battle the GOP leader’s 2022 midterm picks.
  • The New York Post first reported on Trump’s plans.

Why it matters: Trump is emerging from weeks in exile, after laying low throughout his impeachment trial and the fallout from the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

  • He’ll speak alongside several of his former Cabinet members and fiercest GOP allies.

Bannon has entered the fray on two fronts.

A civil war in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the GOP civil war is now playing out in a Republican primary in advance of the 2022 Senate campaign over the seat of retiring Sen. Patrick J. Toomey, who voted to convict Trump at his impeachment trial.
As Politico reports, Toomey’s vote against Trump is now the central issue in that primary, which is becoming a proxy battle between Republicans still loyal to Trump and those who think continued devotion to him will damage the party’s statewide chances. Bannon has moved to put his stamp on the contest.


A loony plot to impeach Biden

Bannon’s second threat is even more comically absurd. He recently told a Boston audience that he hopes to see Trump run for Congress in 2022, then run for speaker of the House (which Bannon presumes Republicans will win), then preside over the impeachment of President Biden:

“We totally get rid of Nancy Pelosi, and the first act of President Trump as speaker will be to impeach Joe Biden for his illegitimate activities of stealing the presidency,” Bannon said, leading to applause and hollers from the Boston Republicans.

This is rank crackpottery, but here again, the singular organizing and motivating principle is the idea that Trump’s loss to Biden couldn’t possibly have been legitimate, or that there’s simply zero obligation on the part of the Trump movement to recognize it as such, and that loyalty to Trump requires unwavering fealty to that idea.…

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