Drumpf RandyRainbow Resist TheSoundofMueller

“Big fat-a** buckets of fried chicken wings…” – Randy Rainbow Skewers drumpf à la Julie Andrews.

Randy Rainbow has warmed up his vocal cords yet again and this might be his best effort to date:

Trump’s Favorite Things

(The lyrics are captioned when Randy starts singing.)

“Brutal dictators and cold-hearted liars 

Tyrants and traitors and climate deniers

Five dollar spray tans with under eye rings 

These are a few of your favorite things 

Burying tax returns after you file em 

Tear-gassing migrants for seeking asylum 

Big fat-ass buckets of fried chicken wings 

These are a few of your favorite things.”


”…Hookers that pee on your face til is stings…”


​​​​​​​Randy is the best!